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Hi Everybody,

I have a problem on applying colors to raster images. When using setRGB (or) setTransform the color was applied but not mingled with the image, so please help out me to solve this. My application is look like a paint tool but I have to apply colors for raster images. so kindly help me.

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What application are you using???? What exactly are you trying to do??

Try opening your image using adobe photoshop and rasterize it from there...

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There are some other ways to do as you said like using the photoshop to do that. But I need to apply the colors from here only.

For example:
1) Take a photo with a guy weared shirt (with textures) and pant.
2) I had converted the shirt and pant as a seperate movieclip
3) Now using tint or someother setrgb setting i have applied the colors
4) It was working but not mingled with that shirt.

thats it!

I still have no idea what you are doing, or what you are trying to do.

What does "here only" mean?

What do you mean by "mingled"?

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Please look into the attachment

This is how I would do it if you were using photoshop (i realise you aren't but as you still haven't told us what you are using I have no idea how to help in any other way).

  • Open your image
  • Use the magic wand and the lasso tool to select the t-shirt
  • copy (don't cut - you will get a jagged white line around the selected portion when you past it back in) this from your image
  • Past it, this will put it on to a new layer
  • with this layer selected: image>adjustments>hue/saturation
  • Now you can edit the colour of the t-shirt

So now I have told you how to do it in photoshop... basically you need to be able to select the t-shirt and preferably have it as a new layer and then edit it's hue/saturation.

See attached for what i did. This took about 2 mins.

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Yes, Exactly what you done here in photoshop, the same I want to do in flash using Action Script. I think now you got it

Please look into the attachment

The file won't open.

If the swf file is a moving image, you have to repeat the process for each frame in the movie.

Oh right. So you want to just basically copy what you already have but for a t shirt.

Well the simplist way to do it in flash is to create the image of the t-shirt in various different colours, then when you rollover the colored box, then make the image of the t-shirt change.

I'm sorry I have actually forgotten how to do it! But it is a fairly simple thing to do in flash from what I can remember. I wouldn't bother trying to create a script to dynamically change the colour.

For anyone else who thinks they can help more than I have. To open the attached file you need to drag the link in to your browser's address bar and it should download.

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Please look into the attachment of roryt, I want like that but should be done in flash action script.

I need without importing anything from photoshop.
Consider that t-shirt is a movieclip and how to change the color which is mingled with that image.

Using tint or setRGB is not working for me

For anyone else who thinks they can help more than I have. To open the attached file you need to drag the link in to your browser's address bar and it should download.

It does not. I tried that too. The player opens. but there is no content in the file.

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