I wasnt sure where to post this question..
I was wondering what is a good website template/system that provides ability for connecting buyers and sellers together? I dont mind spending the money to buy one that provides lots of bells and whistles. I really like wordpress if there are any built with that.

Sorry if my question seems a little vague, I'll elaborate... is there a website structure type or name for those type of websites that connect people together? I'm looking for a prebuilt package or theme that does that. For example like a Dating website connects two people, both of whom list an advert, and generally a fee is charged to one or both. Or a marketplace like ebay, where sellers post ads, buyers do a search and then a fee is charged to the seller when a sale occurs. Or a Businesses for sale website, the seller pays a fee, buyers do a search, people are connected. Ideally i'm looking for a template/CMS that provides; seller publishes ads, a fee is charged, and buyer can search for free. Along those lines. Then from the default package I will have it customized for my industry.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Well, according to my experience you better go to develop it from someone developer according to your own requirement. You applicaton is more like online shopping system with payment gateway, hire some good developer from any freelancer site. Buy any payment gateway subscription like verisign, authorize.net and give test account to developer. Test account for ebay is also available for free of cost. There are plenty of sites where you will find very experienced developer like guru.com, rentacode.com etc.

Why I am saying this, may be you could find exact system that what you want but if might be too costly to manage it later, if you want to add some functionality etc. When you will have your own built product, you can do it by your own.

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