I have a css based menu with flyouts enabled on hover. The menu needs to display over flash on the home page of the website. It does not do that in ie 6 or ie 7 but it works just fine in firefox. The url to the site is http://www.blackdogbuilders.com.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This seems to be common problem with IE6 & IE7. All solutions recommend to use wmode but I seen you already use that. Beside this suggestion they often mention SWFObject and link to this article. Have look and tell us if it worked

Don't really know this stuff too much but would z-index layers help here?

i have tried this before (quite a while back) yet i found no solution i fear there isnt one for IE 6 there may be for 7 tho as it seems more compliant.

This is a very difficult problem, because you are trying to create transparency on top of a moving image. Remember that text has either a colored background, or has a transparent background that shows what is behind it. But it becomes a huge task of working out for each pixel whether or not it should be test pixels, or part of a movie. This doubles the processor time needed to show the movie.

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