Working with Drupal 7, I am trying to adjust the CSS so that there is no footer. However, there is consistently a white space at the bottom. Any thoughts?

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Try to change your wrapper height or your body height if it's any.

I haven't used Drupal in sooo long but there could be some CSS workarounds. Whichever DIV most controls your overall page you can try to set to margin-bottom: 0. As previously suggested you can also specify a page height but the problem with that is that if you give it a specific height and the text is too much for the height then it will tend to overflow. I like to specify the height for the maximum amount of text that should ever be on a single page. Although the div will have room at the bottom for any page where you have noticeably less text. But then the actual 'page' itself will still go to the bottom of the 'screen'.

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