I'm looking to add a form/quote generator to my site. I do vinyl wall quotes and I would like my customers to be able to design their own wall quote and purchase. Here is an example:
That's just one style that I like.

Does anyone have any advice on where I could go to purchase this for my site, or how much it would cost to have someone build this, or third where I start on hiring someone. My site is just a basic GoDaddy site that is simple and easy to modify for what I am selling.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you,

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Hello. I would be interested in finding out your prices and if you have had the chance to look at the link I posted. There are five or six different sites that have this "type" of generator. You can contact me by email: <snip> or here. Thank you.


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Hi KG,

I'm not aware of anything out there to do for vinyl wall quotes but I've built a quote application for another client for a similar purpose. Once all the options are decided on that would affect the price/quote generator you could get a cost to build this which could easily be setup on your godaddy hosting account.


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