Im currently making a webpage for my thesis.. its in HTML and on localhost, the system should be able to view a profile of the client and also do a task the should be able to open an application on the client's computer.. im running the webpage on wamp..

can you please suggest some ideas to solve this problem.. thanks in advance.. :)

Browsers won't allow you to do this, because of security issues.

commented: They will offer to let you download the files, though. +4

Is there a way to execute an .exe file from a web page in stead of downloading it? The link to the .exe just brings up the download window and I have not been able to figure out how to make it run/execute in stead of download.

Any sugestions will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

No, you can't.

even if it were possible, it would run on the server where you have your exe stored, not on the client where you want the exe to be executed.

Point the link to a .bat file and run the program from there. You'll still get the pop-up asking the user's permition (this is a security issue) before it executes. Some browsers don't allow it; Opera does.

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