Hi there,
I need to create a website for a client using a CMS.

This client is a manufacturer and wanting to have a website that is pretty much similar to an ecommerce website except they won't be selling anything. It will have categories and list all the products. It will have product details, images but no price. They would also like to have a pdf file on each page to click on with the specifics of each product.

The client would also like to update the products and details using a CSV file with excel, also the pdf files if possible.

I'm looking into using Joomla (Virtuemart? I heard is good) and I also looked at Magento. There seemed to be a bit of mixed responses with Magento. I've also heard Wordpress could be good. I have used both Joomla and Wordpress before but not to this extent.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Joomla, wordpress and Magento update the products and details using a CSV. I hate Joomla, cause it's always have many bugs.

Thank you for your reply! Which do you think would be best to use as a catalogue? And do you know if any allow the user to add PDFs through the CSV?

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