I need free of cost images or photos for my commercial website

What are sources of images ?

I like some images on Flickr under Common creative license

What do you mean by give credit in Common creative license or Flickr?

What Do you mean Royalty free images

I dont want to give photographers name in my website

This Is link of image


They say some Right are reserved

what is attribution
What do you mean by give credit in Common creative license or Flickr?

Please give me solution for this.

Give credit/attribution means you have to state who's picture it is clearly.

Royalty free means you do not have to pay for them.

Also look for public domain images. There are plenty of sites that offer them for free. However even those may require a fee when being compiled into a CD.

You can search it on the web, just type the keyword phrase "Free stock images" and search engines will give you hundreds of websites that provide royalty free images

Royalty-free does not mean you don't have to pay for the image; it just means that when the image is purchased it is yours and the owner can't make you renew a license, or yank the rights, the way they can with Rights-managed images.

Wikimedia Commons is a great source for FREE, Royalty-free images.

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