Hi , has anyone have any ideas how I can get something to come up on google to link to my website , for exmaple - puppies in coventry . I have put some meta tags in but it does not show up on google , what can I do ?

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Hopefully this thread will not attract spammers that want to offer you their seo services.

Basically, SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and invloves many things you can do to make your site searchable with chosen keywords to the search engines. These things are done manually by yourself, or a professional person if you do not know how to or cannot learn yourself howto.

Google "how to seo my site" and look for sites where you can read more or sites that have basic tuts for you on it. (and try to filter out the spam sites that want to take your money)


On Page SEO & Aggressive Link Building will bring your website to the top of Google. Normally I tell clients it takes 2-6 months to get top rankings with a good seo company doing the work for you.

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