I am writing html and css to design in php. But when i am opening in ie, chrome and firefox. every where its showing different. Means
all dimension going to change.
I am using % for body wrapper and em for fonts but its not working.
Is here any help??

how to make website that it will open in all browser properly.

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Using % is half your problem. FYI: all browsers are going to render different. Per sign, Color, Look, position, etc.. All story short but just because the way they are designed & made etc..

position by px and you might still have to put a HTML hack in there so they are the same for each broswer. If you code it perfect standard they will be the same in each broswer.

right: 245px;
margin-left: 50%;
left: -250px;

t: 245px;
margin-left: 50%

I did not get. Please tell me what to do for that.. I am making according to standard.

is dreamviewer can make this happen??

yes but prob still might have to have some hacks here & there maybe.

and the way i explained above is standards basic's

Ignore BS kills, BS,
PX Hacks are no way to make the site appear as you wish, they do not work.
current best practice is em & % as layout tools, pixels are device dependent, and change size a 15inch monitor used to be 800px, now a 7inch tablet is 2600px, px are not user friendly
read a 'box model' tutorial and continue what you are trying

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whatever dimensions you use,, it may have still no effect.. because browsers render your code differently and they have defaults on each element you define, and they are different..
the only solution for it is to use a master stylesheet.

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