I've split an image in two, and I want to put them next to each other but with a break. As you can see the BG2 (In The Box) paint splat is right next to the edge. I want it a few px in and the bg1 (out of box) to level with it.

Everything I try just moves the entire #content and not bg1. If you could help me I'd appreciate this, I can normally do these things but It's just not working. The website is: http://www.wisshesforyou.com ... It's a website I'm designing for a family member. Please post the editited code, or code to edit.

Thank You.

so, you want to move the background image to the right?

background-position-x: 5px;

and try background-position: 50px 200px; on your body background to move the image lower and to the right.

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background-position-x: 5px;

Thanks that really helped. In regards to the other guy, not a clue what you're on about!