I have a website with embeded mps files. On ie9, you can see that it works fine; the media file shows up, you can press play, and it works.
Here's the problem: In firefox, the mp3 player doesnt show up, and a pop-up message says that additional plugins are needed. When I choose "install missing plugins", the message shows that I have to install apple quicktime. For some reason my borwser does not allow me to install the plugin, and I get a message "internet explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors" -firefox also does not allow me to install it.
Here's the url to my site, in case that helps: www.beatlesongprofiles.com
Anyone know a work-around? How can I either install apple quicktime, or embed the mp3 file without needing to download apple quicktime. (ie9 works fine without apple quicktime)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fx decided not to support mp3.
but an 'ogg vorbis' copy might work.

Firefox does not support mp3 format
Wave files are inappropriate for web use do to their size
I agree with Troy, ogg vorbis is the format you want to use for Firefox. Unfortunately, IE does not support .ogg, so you will have to use note both sources in your code as such:

<source src="FILE NAME HERE/MUSIC TITLE HERE.mp3" />
<source src="FILE NAME HERE/MUSIC TITLE HERE.ogg" />

Good luck

Make another page specifically for FireFox, and embed the .ogg file.

What version of Firefox do you have?

sheikhali, that wont work, since I need all users to be able to view my website properly, so how would it help if I get a different version of firefox. It would work for me, maybe, but not for any user using this version of firefox!
I will try using the .ogg vorbis, and see if that helps.

I converted my mp3 files to .ogg files.
I am not sure how to go about inserting this into my html code.
This is the code I have:

<div id="samples"> <!--start samples-->
            <h2>Audio Samples</h2>
            <span class="audio">Listen to three sample "Beatle Song Profiles" </span>
            <div class="audioSamples">
                <dl class="mpThree">  

                 <dt><embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3"width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed></dt>
                 <dd class="songTitleOne">A Hard Day's Night</dd>

                <dl class="mpThree">  

                 <dt><embed src="help.mp3"width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed></dt>
                 <dd class="songTitleTwo">Help</dd>

                <dl class="mpThree">  

                 <dt><embed src="eleanorrigby.mp3" width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed></dt>
                 <dd class="songTitleThree">Eleanor Rigby</dd>


            <div class="clear"></div>
        </div> <!--end samples-->

Where do I put the source for the .ogg file?
Do I have to add a separate page for firefox, or can I insert the code for the .ogg here?
Thanks for your help, I've been sitting over this problem for ages!

Try this:

                <dl class="mpThree">  

                    <audio controls="controls">
                        <source src="aharddaysnight.mp3" />
                        <source src="aharddaysnight.ogg" />
                    <embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3"width="140"  height="40"autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed></dt>
                 <dd class="songTitleOne">A Hard Day's Night</dd>

OOPS, forgot something in the code. Use this one instead. (And no, it is not necessary to create a separate page just for firefox.)

<dl class="mpThree">  
                        <source src="aharddaysnight.mp3" />
                        <source src="aharddaysnight.ogg" />
                    <embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3"width="140"  height="40"autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed>
                 <dd class="songTitleOne">A Hard Day's Night</dd>

This code didn't work for me. No media player showed up- not in IE, and not in firefox, either!
Any other suggestions???
Thank you...

oh- 1 second! Now I see that in your first reply you had written

<audio controls="controls">

which you omitted from your second reply.
Now it works. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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The code worked to make the player work well in IE and firefox; thanks.
The problem is now Safari. Instead of a player showing up, it says "missing plug-in".
Any idea why, and how to fix this?
Here's a link to my site:www.beatlesongprofiles.com

Try changing this:

<embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3"width="140"  height="40"autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed>

To this:

<embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" width="140"  height="40" autoplay="no" controller="yes" loop="FALSE" />

<embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" width="140" height="40" autoplay="no" controller="yes" loop="FALSE" />

Thank you for your response, but nope- doesn't help. Safari still says missing-plugin, instead of showing a media player...

Try removing the loop="FALSE". Not sure why it wouldn't work otherwise. If you look at the code on the music page of my site, you will see that it works fine in Safari. It is basically the same code except for the loop. Click Here

I removed the loop="false", and it still didnt work.
The link you provided is broken, so I can't view your site.