Could somebody please advise me how to make this footer inside the red line. I have tride tagging the right part in <span align="right"> but it didn't help.

The only solution that i came up with is to make two seperate paragraphs and then just set the right one margin-top to -40 so it will be on the same height with the left one, but this is not he best option.

Please advise.


Are those two sections inside their own divs? if yes either use float: left; on the left one or display: inline-block; for them both.

If they aren't in their own divs can you post up the HTML so we can view it?

My code is the following.

<p align="left">March 08, 2012 Poseted by <a href="#" alt="Someone">Someone</a>
<a href="#" alt="More">Read More</a> | <a href="#" alt="comment">Comments</a></p>

But it just puts it on the left side, how do i seperate it in to two parts and put these parts on both sides like on the image?

You can alter it to this:

<span style="float: left;">March 08, 2012 Poseted by <a href="#" alt="Someone">Someone</a></span>
<span style="float: right;"><a href="#" alt="More">Read More</a> | <a href="#" alt="comment">Comments</a></span>

The float left and right send each part to their appropriate edge.