My new website is aligned properly in all browsers except Explorer.

Can anyone help?


Thank you!!

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screen shots in IE FF opera maxthon avant

look pretty close to me, problem is, exactly? I might be missing it?

Lose the autoplay video,
it'll kill you in search engines

Thanks almost bob -

The explorer alignment seems to be resolved. After that I decided to remove the fairly redundant quicktime movie on the Homepage and replaced it with a Twitter Widget.

It displays fine in Firefox. But in Safari the width is wrong.

hmmmm! I am stuck on this one! (not sure how it views in explorer as I don't use explorer)

Dont have a safari browser installed,
apple wont 'play nice' with the other 5 browsers,
even MS 'plays nice'r than apple
push your site through (blatant plug) and see what it looks like on 99% of possible browser OS combinations, it may be a **expletive deleted** on the version of safari you could access

On the screenshot, I noticed that IE has no twitter plugin.

It is not a good idea to use the latest gratest tech on pages. Stuff takes several years to start working smoothly on all browsers. We are just starting to get .png compatibility.

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