My new website is aligned properly in all browsers except Explorer.

Can anyone help?


Thank you!!

screen shots in IE FF opera maxthon avant

look pretty close to me, problem is, exactly? I might be missing it?

Lose the autoplay video,
it'll kill you in search engines

Thanks almost bob -

The explorer alignment seems to be resolved. After that I decided to remove the fairly redundant quicktime movie on the Homepage and replaced it with a Twitter Widget.

It displays fine in Firefox. But in Safari the width is wrong.

hmmmm! I am stuck on this one! (not sure how it views in explorer as I don't use explorer)

Dont have a safari browser installed,
apple wont 'play nice' with the other 5 browsers,
even MS 'plays nice'r than apple
push your site through (blatant plug) and see what it looks like on 99% of possible browser OS combinations, it may be a **expletive deleted** on the version of safari you could access

On the screenshot, I noticed that IE has no twitter plugin.

It is not a good idea to use the latest gratest tech on pages. Stuff takes several years to start working smoothly on all browsers. We are just starting to get .png compatibility.