Hi there, the text headings in the right hand column here are hanging to the left outside of the column. Any ideas as to how I can stop that happening and pull them back in? http://www.wannalearnmusic.com/tom/

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Have you tried adding a left margin to the h2 heading in your .aside? I looked through your CSS and saw no reference to one, but I may have missed it.

On Firefox, it looks like the hanging indent is fixed now. There's an extra blank line below the h2 in the .aside, but it's because a <p> was inserted, not because of a style attribute. You may want to simplify the style sheets here. I count 3 of them, and who knows what the .js links may invoke.

Mitch, the reason it is fixed now is because he added the margin.

Thanks guys, I added in the left margin to the h2 heading in the .aside and it worked :) Appreciate your help.

No problem. Don't forget to mark your thread as solved.

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