I have the following web page:

www.createtime4u.com/index - Copy.html

Most of the page is now pretty responsive to changes in the desktop size (I haven't added any media queries for mobile etc yet)

However I'm really stuck on this CSS slideshow. Most of the CSS for this slideshow I've now changed to be 100% of the overall #wrapper.

But I still have this one bit of code embedded in the page - where you can see that width:1000;
I don't seem able to be able to change this to be 100% of the #wrapper either. I either get a syntax error or the image container just comes up even smaller.

The orginal size of my size was 1000px before I changed it all to %

I'm really not sure what else I'm meant to be doing.

If it helps for me to provide all the css for the slideshow please let me know as I'm sure there are several other elements in there which might not be helping.....

Any help would really be appreciated!

            function() {

Refer to the plugin you're using. They should have some description for the functions.

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