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Hi there!
I need enlightenment on the subject of altering an A record for a website domain name.

I have obtained the correct IP address and provided it to the holder of the domain name records so he can change the A record. As far as i am aware this is all that needs to happen for a website to appear when the domain name in entered into the browser.

But it doesn't.

Instead, when I type my domain name (or IP address) it redirects to ../cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi where a cPanel "Default Web Site Page" loads instead of MY website.

I've contacted my hosting provider for information and assistance but have reached a dead-end. (I usually get good support from my host)

Do you know what the problem could be, and how I can fix it?

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Have you alter the index file where it should be directed to your site?

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Have you alter the index file where it should be directed to your site?

This is not a DNS issue. DNS can only map a name to an IP address, not a URL. So, if you have a record called "www" and it points to a specific IP, when you open the browser and type in that host name, your computer first resolves the host name to the IP and the browser connects on that IP address.

What happens after that, such as the redirect that you are experiencing, is handled by the target application, in this case the web server.

What is happening is that at the web server, the server is reading the HTTP headers and there is a programatic redirect to the target URL.

To get this fixed, your provider needs to either tell you which IP address is correct for your host name, or they need to alter the redirection that is occuring in the back-end.

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Thanks. The redirection has now been set-up. I had to set up a "parked domain" in cPanel. Not sure why my hosting tech support couldn't have told me this. Perhaps its the difficulty I have in communicating what I need because of my minimal understanding the whole DNS/Domain/IP/A record/CMAP malarkey. Another thing learnt, a worthwhile cause! Thanks for your assistance.

Not a problem. Glad your issue was resolved.

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