Hi I am desgning a website and want a slideshow on my homepage. I have worked out how to do this with javascript and with flash. My problem is that with both when I preview my homepage I get this frigging pop up 'to help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or Active x controls that could access your computer. click here for details.

I just don't get it. When I surf the internet I must visit many sites which use both or either so why when I preview in an internet explorer browser do I get this. I have no problems in firefox but I cannot ignore this as IE is the number 1 browser at the moment.

It is really depressing me as I just want to build my website happily and tranquilly. I have not been able to get anything working yet with php as some people mention that

Please help me and tell me what to do. thanks richard

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Are you accessing the images as local files or through a relative directory within your web site root? If you are trying to show files from your local hard drive (like 'c:/myPictures/pic1.jpg') I could see it being a bit cranky.


HI, I have a Website folder and a folder inside that called images. when I preview anything I've done that includes javascript I get this activex pop-up. when I upload this to the internet will users still get this activex warning pop-up?


did u check it on other pcs? i had this activex pop-up problems but only once

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I have uploaded my webpages to some free webspace which includes javascript and flash and I have no problems with the pop ups. It is a shame that I have not received proper guidance and advice on this thread. I am very disappointed.

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