I was creating a page and I began to realize that I can't see the bottom of the site because I can't scroll down...

Can someone help me with that issue...

I will send you the link to the site...

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Are you setting something to position: fixed;?

I don't believe I am... Shall I send you the link through a pm? I don't wish for the site to be seen publicly just yet...

But thanks for responding :)

look for, as previously noted, position:fixed;,
overflow: anything other than 'visible'
in the css

some browsers
(guess which, hint starts with I ends with nternet explorer)
handle overflow badly,
others less badly,
some (few) follow the spec

Yeah, you can PM me if you haven't fixed it yet.

I pm you :)

Maybe you have set the body css to overflow: hidden;
Remove it and it shall be solved.

No.... shall i send you the link to the page?

You have a few threads open. They seem related. Is this thread resolved or do you need more help on this one?

They are quite similar i know... but there are a few differences...

This one isn't solved though

if you can provide with the link, maybe we can have it debuged together to solve it.


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