Hi ,
I would like to make a header in a site joining images but I would like the transition from one to another to be smooth ...

How can I do this ?? Is there online header generator uploading images..


And finally I search a free template for a church site. Do you a site like this ?

Thanks in advance

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Do you mean that you have spaces between your images, or that they are stacking on top of each other? Please carify.

You can control the placement of your images by using styles such as margin:0;padding:0 as well as postion:absolute/relative, left and top, etc...

I am sorry I don't speak English so good.
I would like in the line where the two images are connecting to be like transparent ..

to be the transition more physical ..

Is your question, how to make one header out of multiple images, but in the end they act as one image? That would be a Photoshop or other image editing solution.

Your question is so unclear that it is un-answerable!

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Yeah sounds like a photoshop question to me.

you can use a free imageslider....

you can use marquee :)

Click Here this might help you.. Goodluck!

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