I currently own a html based website which is hosted on a linux server. I will like to have a subdomain like m.example.com which will have a mobile version of my current site.

Is there any good software which can automatically covert my current site to mobile version? How can I redirect my site to the mobile version if someone uses a mobile device.

Await replies. Thank you.

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This site may be of help: http://mashable.com/2010/12/16/create-mobile-site-tools/ it lists 8 different solutions from different companies that can help turn you standard Web site into a mobile one.

The post on the page is over a year old so some of the info as far as what is offered for free from each company may have changed. But you can click on each title to visit the Web site to see what the solution offers and if they still offer a free service.

Generally they will give you a code snippet to add to your pages to determine whether they are visiting your site in a standard browser or if they are indeed visiting through a mobile device and need to see the mobile version of your site.

I would recommend switching your website to Wordpress as you can download and use a plugin called, 'Jet Pack'. One of it's features will automatically create a mobile version of your website for you.

TopCat23 is right, You can just install wordpress and its pretty simple to use plugins that will change your website after detecting user agent. But if you want to create an HTML static pages or you do not want to use wordpress and want to create your own mobile version of your website. You can follow step by step tutorial to create mobile website.

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i would also go for wordpress and skip the idea to create a m.example.com

just create a version of your template using CSS that resizes with the size of the screen or mobile device. if you google for responsive websites that will help you to understand what i mean. check mashable.com for instance. there i no m.mashable.com, they just adjust the contenct to the screen size and it loads very fast.

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