is there any way to put a test on the image ? for example , this code

<table width="80%"> <tr> <td  align="center" ><img src="10000000.png"  width="100%" height="60px"/> ><span style="overflow:hidden"> test </span></td></tr></table>

i want to put the test ( here is test ) on the image .

how can do it so ?



<span style="overflow:hidden; background:url('10000000.png'); text-align:center; width:80%; height:60px;">test</span>

I guess you want to show some message or tool tip when someone moves mouse over your image. add highligted text in your code

<table width="80%"> <tr> <td align="center" ><img src="10000000.png" width="100%" height="60px"   [b]  title ='this is test' [/b]/> ><span style="overflow:hidden"> test </span></td></tr></table>

that makes more sense than my thought

for an image it should be alt='this is a test' just to make the validators happy

Yeah, "alt" is always needed.

Moves mouse over your image add highlighted text in your code.

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