Okay, So I've just started university on a computing course that is pretty much programming-oriented. I'm new to programming and I have a very low confidence when it comes to my knowledge of computing, so forgive me for any mess ups.

So on Monday we were told in our Java Programming module lecture that we should under go presonal development projects so we will havew something - other than work - to occupy our mind in an academic fashion.

I would very much like to be a web developer and so I have been working on a website for quiter some time - minus the programming side.

I've also had an idea for an app for almost a year and I suddenly thought that I would like to incorporate the app idea into my website. I have ideas for it but I'm not entirely sure how/if it will work, so I will try and explain as best as I can.

Right, the app was a basic Dice game where the user presses a button ands it generates a random image. The generated image determines a message pop up. The message will then tell the user to carry out a task. Pretty simple.

What I want to try and do is make a web version of it - before I make the mobile version - and stick it before my website.

The idea is that when the user comes to the website, before they enter it, they have to roll the dice. When they click roll, three images will be generated and the most common image - images can be repeated - will determine what .css file is generated and thus how the website will look. If the user refreshers before entering the site, so will the roll function.

I'm sorry if this is all a bit waffley, I don't have a definite description of it yet.

Basically, can I connect an app to a website which will determine what .css file is generated for that user, for that session.

Yes you can connect website with app and using web service you can send and receive data in app as well!!

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