I've been scowering the web for a good 3 hours this morning looking for an alternative to our OSTicket installation. I've looked at quite a few items. I have some requirements that I'm basing my selection on.

  • LDAP Integration (Not a deal breaker)
  • Email Notification (When an ticket is recieved, and when a ticket is updated)
  • Email Ticket Submission
  • Nice looking interface
  • Prefer someting open source if possible but willing to spend some money if I have to.
  • Just have about 6 techs (3 at all times)
  • I really want to be able to host this internally and not have to use a third party solution.

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not really the right place to ask this, I guess.

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not really the right place to ask this, I guess.

Hello Stultuske,
Maybe this is what you are looking for, don't get confused there is a free and a paid version

Its a lot of work but then you have something.


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