I'm in the process of building a website for a local church, and I'm having problems with the background doing an extra repeat than it should! ANY advice is very welcome... Thanks!


http://abra.broken-faith.net/Draft/index.html (This one's also doing some loopy things in IE (compared to Firefox) I'm not sure what's causing the problem in this one, as there's not much difference between it's style sheet and "indextest.html"'s.)

Again, any help welcome! Thank you!

Me again...
It's also not displaying an image map made in Adobe ImageReady in IE for some reason. I'm getting pretty ticked with IE right about now...

We can't read the stylesheet. Please post it.

The "background=" attribute is deprecated. Instead, use the style:

body {background-image: url(yourfile.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-y;)

I have never seen "repeat=" defined for the body tag. It is not in any of my manuals.

Also, you will have trouble using any absolute locations, because different computers have different window sizes and resolutions.