Hello, I am trying to play a sound file directly in chrome. Is this even possible? I think it has to do with HTML 5, which I am unfamiliar. I know how to do it with plugins but that requires the user to have the plugin and interrupts their experience. I want them to hear the sound without any interruptions.

Why did you post wow?

In any case, you have options. Yes, HTML audio element is one but is not supported by <= IE8. One option that only depends on JavaScript is the Yahoo WebPlayer. Take a look: http://webplayer.yahoo.com/

Easy to integrate in your web docs.

shouldn't this be simple like using the <audio> tag or am I missing a point here?

Thanks for the info and the reason I posted Wow is that after I posted my question an automatic post congratulating my on not being a newbie any more posted and I wanted to take it off and the only way was to edit it. So, I just felt like wow was as good as anything was. Furthermore, I would disagree about not being a newbie poster.
At any rate I will check out the link and thanks again for the assistance.

I guess it should be simple. What I am trying to achieve is to have an audio file play on an event not have a player. I want the audio file to play on a mouseover event or an onload event without the user having to do anything at all. I have several certifications in this area but certs and experience are two different things. So, it is I that is probably missing something here. If I use the <audio> tag what file format will I have to use?