I have a client for who has a html/css site. He now wants to add a video background to the whole site, that scales to fill whole screen. The video he has selected is a mp4, but even so I guess I could convert it to flv if needed.

I don't think I can use css background... will I need to recreate the whole site as flash in order to do this? Or is it possible to put a flash player say on z-index:0 and the rest of the site above it?

Can anyone please point me in the right direction for how to acheive affect.

many thanks


I have done some experimental work in this area. Flash is the way to go using layers.

Presumably you could do it in HTML5.

html5 - yes, would be a good option. Would leave IE7/8 out of the loop though.

I might well to do some expts - I was thinking flash player at z-index:0, html z-index:1. I can't put my finger on why, but this does feel a little dubious though.

On top of all this my client was just "Throwing" out ideas. I have a little rule - say "Anything is possible" - 'cause in my experience it normally is, i do have the caveat about time though.

Thanks again - really appreciate it

You might try inserting a streaming flv and put divs on top of it. there will probably be some sort of page border but it should work. Wouldn't that be on the same premise as html5 but with a flv? It's gonna be a huge file unless you shorten and loop. I don't know this is basically my first year so I am just starting out. Everything is experimental with me.

activeden.net has a couple of flash templates along this idea.

this is way beyond my first year (!!!) and I still find that everything is experimental.

My client iswanting to loop a fairyly short, "Splodgy" sort of background so file size not an issue.

WIll have a try - when I get free time and report back

And? Did you manage to find the answer?

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