Hello there,
after weeks of works and test the project on different web browsers I noticed that my site not working propably on IE9 and its totally missed up :(, how can I fix this problem
test this link

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You'll need to be more specific as to what is not working. Keep in mind that CSS3 modules are all not yet supported across all common browsers. What CSS3 property are you having trouble with?

OMG, it's really really messed up.

I think you'll need to go in steps, fixing a thing each time.

The first thing that I noted is a HTML markup error, there's a </div> that has no begining tag, after the <div id="headerWrapper"> closing tag.

I fixed all html markup errors but I think its the header which missed up everything

After <div id="nav" style="float: right;"></div>
Insert <div style="clean: both;"></div>

Should be clear instead or clean, i beleive.

<div style="clear: both;"></div>

JorgeM, yes, you're right =)
My mistake

Great, thanks JorgeM and AleMonteiro , that solved the header issue, still the login box which is not appear at all.
, I have an idea, if I create a css style only for IE to arrange other elements in screen could that solve my other design problems ? and which attribute can I use ? I really love border-raduis and box-shadow .

Thanks for help, I'll start to create new css for idiot "IE"

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