Please check the website given below

i want to know if i can get any resources for the listview beside the slider given in above link.

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Well, by resources what do you mean by that? Are you looking for content or is there another reason. Plus what type of source do you need this for, it will provide a better understand on what to search for.

resources i mean how to make the app again for my website

Can you clarify what it is you want for your website? Do you have any code you need help with?

i want to have the scroller beside the image slider in the link given in my website
and i want help regarding where can i get the same

On some websites, you can right click the page, and view source. If they are using an external plugin-it is customary that the web developer provide information about the author, where the plug-in came from and license information.

Im sure that if you do a search for jQuery Sliders, you should be able to find horizontal and vertical varieties. You can also try emailing the web developer, their contact information may be on the page somewhere and just ask.

i couldnt find any usefull information any help would be appreciated please help :(

any one around ?

do any one have any idea