My URL is:
and for robots:


When I started, I only submitted one site to Google (which went fine). Then I tried adding more pages, and it would not go through. I have added a phpbb script, tried editing it, to no avail. I tired messing around with eiliminating or reuploading my robots.txt file, no go. So what is the deal? I can reach it with my browser, but not with fetch or sitemap tool. I have 644 permissions on both, so that is not a problem. I would ask my host, but the only problem is that they are snail mail, and I need answers. So what's up? I checked everything, and it still won't work. Thanks

Vivo Admin,

While most submit as XML, the text file should work. Did you ensure that it is save as UTF-8 encoding?

:D I did not think of that. Let me check if that works .

So far it is not working, but I will try one more tweak.

It said it could not fetch it now.

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