Hi, I am going to submit a new website in Google (deveoped in PHP) today.
I have 'include' folder which has header.php, footer.php and navigation.php files.
I have included them in each web page of my site using <?php include ('./includes/header.php'); ?>.
I do not want these php files to be indexed separate in Google so-
Can I block include folder and If I block hearder/footer/navigation, will it effect the pages?
Will all my pages indexed as usual with html in header/footer/navigation?

Since I have completed my website so I can not do major change now :)

thanks for coming solutions

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Sorry, Block mean blocking from being indexed in Google using robots.txt.Thanks I read the link website but could not found exact solution. By the way I have submitted site lets see what comes out. I wll share bad / good here

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