How can I make a table 100% width. For example, here I want this table to be the length of the panel, but I can't figure it out. I tried making the trs 100%, I tried just making the table 100%. I thought about changing the padding and the spacing, but that wouldn't work for different size computers. Thanks!

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try this:
tr {width: ###;}

that may work.

I tried that it doesn't thanks though

Check your table width in your CSS. I believe it is set to 450px

According to your css, you have #one-column-emphasis at width: 480px; and your table has that same id so it is making the table width at 480px as well. Either set it to 100% or remove the width then the table should be 100%.

I can't see the source code from my tablet but it sounds like the issue was found. In any case assigning a width to a table row is not supported. Make sure that your elements have unique ids.

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