I have problemes editing vbulletin from my cp , in the template interface , and i tried to edit the froum interface from dreamweaver 8 but i couldn't.
i opened the index.php file of the vbulletin directory with dreamweaver and all i get is the php code and i couldn't swich it to the design interface , i want to know how to make major interface changes in my forum or atleast to know how , and i am a desginer and i am not very good with coding ..... and if there is a better software than dreamweaver that i should use please let me now......

I think you are challenging vbulletin, you cannot change the interface of your forum given by vbulletin; No matter what software do you use to change/update code.
What you can do is just can change the skin of the forum.

sorry i was not clear what i meant is to make a change in the skin but not only the color and fonts also the location of buttons and there sizes and things like this....

Hi marwan,
I don't think you can play with buttons and other things, as these elements have specific purpose and are placed(located) accordingly. Each forum softwares have their own identity and they wount allow any one to change or recode it (customised it).

Best way to edit vbb is to take the view sorce of a page and edit that and then copy past it back in to the templates. it not to hard to do.

No matter which software is used, one can not change the core features of Vbulletin.

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