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I am a bit new to web designing, so this might seem like a simple question. I had a page I was designing in which i had a link (or a menu of links) which when clicked would replace a div by the another div respective to the link. So in effect, on the homepage i have the list of links (in this case a vertical accordion) and on the right side is this div element (in a table). For each link i needed a div element (or multiple divs of same class) to show up when clicked. Its like a search result of sorts if am not mistaken


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Try Bootstrap. This would be a great help for you to come up on
changing div elements while clicking on links.

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you may not need to do that. a menu of links could be contained on one div that shows the contents only to another one div tag. the key is onClick="your function" on the anchor tag then you must create a function on the javascript and do some sort of AJAX programming.

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