In my css file, I want to provide url to some resources which belong to some other project. The context of that project can be changing.
Is there a way in css, by hwich I can provide a url with a variable or with property pointing to the dynamic context.
Maybe something like:


or something like:


I have both of the above, but none works.
Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks in advance

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Hello .. It seems that you have to use a dynamic stylesheet language like LESS http://lesscss.org/ Check it out , it may solve the problem.

No, but you could use a server side link. But unless you own the server thats not going to help you much.

Do you mean by "server side link" a link generated by a server-side language like PHP. If so the image name should be a variable. But the problem is that the file is a (.css) file and couldn't be parsed by the php engine. So please clarify your idea to understand it :) .

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