I'll come to the point, every link is working except one link.

My index page --> http:// pastebin.com/wGAhtT9k

My Css Page --> http:// pastebin.com/Kg1WGvGJ

My js page --> http:// pastebin.com/rv4mdcJ8

This is my website --> www.leranjith.com

In my website, i have two "certificates" link, the one inside the circle is working and the one below freelance:Available is not working. I tried everything but i'm sure that i'm missing something. Please help me out :(

almostbob commented: really, you mark down the people who try to help you?, werent they fast enough, didnt they fix the abortion of code your provided, what an ass -3

may be you did not close the link.</a>.

So both of your links are the same and based on the src attribute, it and seeing the behaviour, it leads me to beleive that you are doing something with jQuery to drop in the certificate stuff on the screen.

Do you know what event is intercepting the click of the link?
<a href="#certificates">Certificates</a>

These are the click functions i used




    $('.menu-item a').click(function(event){


hmm.... I think we need some additional javascript/jQuery expertise to help here..

you mark down the people who try to help you?,
werent they fast enough,
they didnt fix the abortion of code you provided,

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