Hi i have "font-size" defined in my css. This is working fine with all other browsers but it have a different appearence in IE9. So I want to avoid this style when the browser is IE else it has to work for the rest of the browsers. How to achieve this?

According to this, it is fully supported in IE9. Could you please post the line of code you're using it in so we can help you better?

I am not saying that IE does not support but it is havig a different look than other browsers so how to hide this style only for ie?

font-size: 20px;

I also have read the following about downside comments but they are also not working. I tried them in my css file.

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Those comments you mentioned are intended to be put in with HTML, not CSS. I would suggest tracking down why it's not looking the same in IE as other browsers, this would find the root cause, rather than just putting an extra layer of complication into your web pages what with the conditional statements and all.

ok. Even i dont like putting those comments. The following is the complete css that i am using for text.

    font-family: serif;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-size: 20px;    

This css have different appearence in chrome and mozilla. In IE it is pretty bad. If anybody have an idea on dealing this, please help me out.

No it is not css reset. It did not make any difference. If anybody have a solution please help.

instead of using geniric familes like "serif" when used specific "font family" like "Times New Roman" everything went fine. All the look and feel have been fixed in all browsers including IE. Thanks for all your time.

I stopped reading at 'times new roman' and 'everything looks fine.'

But on a serious note, 'serif' will pick up the first serif font available. It may look all ok now on your machine, but other users say on a linux systems may not have 'times new roman' so it will look different.

In general this is ok. If you don't mind using a little more bandwidth you can embed google fonts. This seems to be all the rage at the moment but even these can look different across different browsers and OS's