My over images are not working in Safari or Firefox, but they are in IE.

The test page is:

They were working before, but now not... any ideas??

Thank you.

This looks like you trying to read JavaScript from your pc directory. Doesn't look like pointing to JS on server. src="file:///Users/bethyb/Library/Preferences/Adobe/GoLive/Settings8/JScripts/GlobalScripts/CSScriptLib.js"

thank you for your input. i fixed this, but it didn't solve the problem. i have other sites too, that were previously working with the code, and then on the ones i've most recently uploaded, the over images aren't showing up. is there something wrong with the code Go Live is producing? Out of date or something??

There are several problems in your page, Go Live still did not reach standards of Dreamweaver. As you been changing your code some parts hasn't been removed/updated plus you missing some tag properties

Line 10

<style type="text/css"> <!-- missing type=text/css-->

Line 37

</csactiondict>  <!--originaly </csscriptdict> -->

Line 41, 48 & 57 are all uploading same JavaScript content, in my opinion that should be done only in "<html>" tag. Also JavaScript functions should be called once you declared all parameters for given tag.
The mouse actions calls fuction changeImages() that I do not see...


Please correct this errors and let me know if you still have problem

I made some changes to the code and now the over images are showing in IE, FF, & Safari. Thank you very much for your help.