Hello people. I need to convert a few WML codings to HTML. I have found plenty of converters that convert HTML to WAP, but none usable. Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

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WML uses essentially the same tags as HTML. You would basically convert the <wml> to <html> , and <card> to <div> .

You would combine the "anchor" and "go" tags to a single <a> tag, and so on. A few simple "search & replaces" with a good text editor is all you need.

the thing were my friends also have got stuck is we have index.html and we want to redirect it to home.html without without any click by the user..
We've got wml code for it but need html code..
Please can you give?
Thanks in advance

Could you please use real punctuation? No sentence structure I've ever seen requires a "..?" at the end of it.

I don't understand your question. Users navigate from one page to another by clicking on hyperlinks.

oh i'm extremely sorry about ".."

what i need is,as in dani forums,we login then it directly redirects to new main page,without need to click on hyperlink,it automatically gets refreshed. Same way suppose user is in index.html he should automatically get redirected to main.html .
I hope i am clear this time.

thanks i got my answer you can close this thread.
And thanks for trying to solve@tgeer

This isn't a WML-to-HTML conversion question, though. Redirects and login authentication are done via server-side programming.

no i was having the wml coding but now i don't meet someone said me that this code was enough
<meta equiv="refresh" content=8;url=unitech.com> to be added in header file.

Well, that's my point: the "meta refresh" tag is a solution to a specific problem, which has nothing to do with WML vs. HTML or converting from one to the other. Marking this thread "solved" would mislead someone who actually needed help converting WML to HTML.

I'm glad you solved your problem, but your problem had nothing to do with the question you asked.

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