Hi Everyone,

I need some help. I do not understand what is wrong with this HTML page that I've created. It displays correctly in Firefox, but not in IE. I created the file in DreamWeaver.

I have attached two files that will give you a better understanding of my problem. One file is a text file that contains the HTML code. The other is a screenshot of the page displayed in IE, with a callout that explains the problem.

Basically, I need the line breaks to line up together. The bottom line break should be moved left to line up with the top line break (see the pic to better understand). The problem is that the breaks line up correctly in DreamWeaver, so I'm not sure what I need to change.

Thanks for your help & feel free to "fiddle" around with the code to try and solve this issue.


The Picture


I took a quick glance at your code and it appears that you are mixing your widths in % and absolute, i.e. if you specify your table to be 100% width, then specify your TD in %. I would suggest making everything absolute if you want to make sure they lign up all the time.

The fornt size and line height in firefox and IE are slightly different. you may have created a column too small to fit in all the text in IE (larger display font) and therefore squeezed the column toward the right.

Sometime you have to add an invisible space.gif image (can becreated in Dreamweaver) to fix the width.

Keeping the widths and heights in one type (% or pixel) is very important and can really change the way your site looks, I am sure by changing this it will fix your problem.

I had the smae problem - would either work fine in one and not the other! best work around I have found is to use CSS to define all tags! works a treat! any site I have built works 100% in both browsers now!

If a browser cant find your CSS it reverts to its default styles! each browser has different defaults!

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