hey guys, so im not sure if this is the right forum, sorry if its not.
anyway, i have to create a webpage that can do seating arrangements graphically. it would be like those seating plan softwares out there but this would be online. users can choose tables/chairs/etc which guests seats where that sort of thing.

im not sure how to even start doing this, if anyone has any links/suggestions/ideas that would be great. thanks.

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Check out how an image map works. Am sure that will get you started.

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In addition to image maps...

jQueryUI has the selectable widget:


Which may or may not help you. Note you can swap list elements for images or anything else. I think that Google's angular library has some good examples too, but I forget where.




You could also try looking at code for "voting stars", which I think is a similar concept.

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thank you for the suggestions. will check them out.

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