Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate considered recommendations on books pertaining to HTML5, CSS and Javascript, for starters, either as dedicated subject reference or in some combination. If a combintion of these subjects are addressed in a given book then additional subject matter (such as game applications, jQuery, mobile applications, etc.).

After being away from the industry for about the last 15 years, I've recently decided to get back into the IT field - first by getting a firm grasp of fundamental website mechanics, design and creation, and then re-acquainting myself with IBM (formerly Lotus) Notes and Domino.

My initial focus would be in learning how to create interactive websites that have data input, storage and manipulation components.

I've perused a few search returns on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble but, with suspect on-site reviews, I don't feel comfortable with making a selection as yet.

I'm a bit old school, so I'm most comfortable with a book to hold, but I would be quite appreciative for on-line or alternative media references as well.


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My advice would be to visit your local library and see what they have on HTML and CSS. HTML5 and CSS3 are simply evolutionary steps, so all you need is to get a firm foundation in HTML and CSS. As long as the book is less than 10 years old and the lessons don't rely on <table>s for layout, you'll be fine. By relying on a library book, if you don't like the first book, it's easy to try another and another until you're satisfied. Then, if needed, you can find what you need to know about the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 in online tutorials.

The same is pretty much true for JavaScript, except that you'll want to find a reference that includes AJAX - which allows JavaScript to retrieve data via HTTP. There's not much new in JavaScript except the popular frameworks like jQuery, which you can also learn online.

Hi rtrethewey, thank you for your reply.

I'm kinda out in the boondocks here so the libraries have had slim pickings. I did find a website that, so far, has been useful:


...been more of a review but I have learned that the <font> tag has been depracated in favor of the <p> tag.

I'll continue to monitor this thread for additional recommendations as well as provide any pertinent and useful resources that I may come across.

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday(s) season.

I would recommend not to go for books as i have found it wonderful to learn online than from books.WHile being online one can test ones learning progress .I would recommend to visit w3schools.com here you have online lessons and also a code testing window where you can practise as you learn.Modern approach to learning is learning by doing and i recommend therefore step1 w3schools.com step2.Go to youtube download videos for the same topic you are learning from w3schools.com 3.the topic you learnt and video you downloaded practice that on localhost.This is the best method to learning.

w3schools is probably a good starting point to get acquainted, but there's not enough there to really fill the gap you are describing. However, you can pick up the basics on HTML5, CSS3 and js/jQuery in a day or so because of the fact that their tutorials are very short.

I initially got into the field of IT in the areas related to computer maintenance and network administration. It was just a few years ago that i decided to learn web developmnet. I already had an introduction to programming three decades ago with BASIC so the basic concepts have always been with me.

After i took a quick look at w3schools, i immediately purchased several books and quickly made my way through them, then got interested in SQL and eventually asp.net.

I've been learning on my own through the years by reading and most importantly, just writing code, usually just snippets to solve simple problems.

I've written a few web apps (simple asset managmement, case management) and I found that very enjoyable.

Good luck with your goals... I think that as long as you have the passion and are really interested in this stuff, you'll end up teaching yourself, and not from one source alone.

I also started learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL at Click Here..

I still refer to w3schools site when I need reference.. probably the best place for you to start with..

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