I have taken up a project of creating my own forum. A chat forum. I have started to design the homepage. But there is still much more work to do.

The thing is I dont know how the folowing things work:

Member login and that each member has their own profile page
The member has the ability to to post what ever is on his/her mind.
The posting can either be on his/her own wall (like in facebook) or make a new article (like here on daniweb)
An admin account that has higher privilaged so that I can delete posts that doesn't follow my forum's rules

I dont know how to implement these things and how they work in theory. This site is going to be a local site and isnt
going to recieve heavy trafic.
If anyone could explain this to me, I will apreciate it as I am rather into this project and would like to make it.

Thanks in advance....

I assume you want to use a database? A login page is basically a form, which submits to a script that does the actual validation. If successful, it can set a session or cookie to allow access to other pages. If you look in the PHP forum, am sure you'll find some login examples, just to get an idea. Although some things depend on the language you will be using.

I am planning on using only html and javascript. Maby a bit of C# or Java. I just am not sure by using C# / Java that my webpage will be comaptible on all browsers e.g. VBScript only runs in IE. If it will run on all major web browsers, then i might implement it, otherwise it is just javascript and ofcourse html+css for the layout

Login should only ever be done server-side with something like PHP. Anyone know if C# can work with ASP?

Anyone know if C# can work with ASP?


Personally, I'd use only html, css, php and mysql, I'm biased because they are the languages I know, but
they are reasonably easy to learn and forums etc are plentiful.


Right.. I'm not familiar with ASP and all of that, I just knew there was some sort of connection with .NET and ASP somwehere... I'd better have a read-up.

Personally, I'd use only html, css, php and mysql

I'm in the same boat... Quick and straight-forward to learn. Javascript can be useful, but I've only ever really needed it to hide and show some window-like elements on some of my pages.

ASP and ASP.NET are not similar except for the three characters in the name. Actually ASP and PHP are more similar.

Basic ASP.NET is easy to learn and Visual Studio helps with the development, but I recommend if you go down the ASP.NET/C# route, that you get some good books and other resources and get a good understanding before you begin your project.

If you are just starting to learn server side scripting, you may want to also look at PHP. I'm not strong on PHP because for years I've been tinkering with ASP.NET, but I do see the value in going the PHP route.

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php will work out very well, its easy to learn. I have never attempted other languages like c# bt im sure php coupled with mysql will do a great job for you

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