I'm having a little problem aligning a background image of one of my tables on my forum. If you go to the bottom of this page you will see part of the purple section is out of line with the other bits. Does anyone have any idea why it is doing this?

I've tried changing the cellspacing which aligns it ok but leaves gaps at the top and bottom. Any suggestions would be great!

I seen your site in IE 6 and firefox but didn't see any anomalies there. everything in order. did you sort you problem?

If not can you do small screenshot and post it so we know where to look for it...

I seen it yesterday, but not today.....

Yay looks like it was fixed when I changed the page width from 100% to 787px. Thanks for checking it out guys.

On another note any idea why there is a gap between the logo and forum when viewing with IE?

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