Hi, I've recently been to www.bink.nu and I liked the navigation. On my site I would like a similar navigation. For the tabs, I have images, I cannot put a link ontop of the image though! Please help me out here! THe image is supposed to change according to whatever link is active. take for example, the home link is active, then the image behind the tab behind the link is a lighter color than the rest.

Help would be greatly appreciated



I would definitely get in touch with the guy who goes by Tekmaven on these forums. He coded all of bink.nu himself :)

This can actually be done with tables ... just create the whole tab button thingie as a sliced photoshop image, and leave a center cutout for where you can place regular text. Javascript can be used to change what an image looks like when the mouse hovers over it.

Is there any possible way to manipulate the background image property of a cell <td>? So that I can actually change the BG image when a link is clicked? No?

I'm pretty sure this can be done with javascript to change the css properties of the td..