what is the difference in html and css?

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language, it is used to organize the contents of a web page.

CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) is a set of rules that define visual display for the tags in a markup language.

So basicly, you write a webpage in HTML and put content inside tags. You then add a set of css rules to dictate specific things about how to display the html.

If you are starting out, you can skip the css part and only write html. Browsers use default css rules that are already defined within them for standard html. Once you understand html, you can incorporate css rules to make your site better.

here are some great starting points to learn both html and css, with no prior expertise required!

HTML help
CSS help

this is the most generic i think i can explain both concepts.
Once you read the four links i provided if you have any more specific question i'll be happy to help! :)

Basically HTML is used to put everything in a website, CSS is like a support language that makes it easier to maintain a lot of web pages.!!

HTML stands for hypertext mark up language HTML is just a markup language while CSS stands for Cascading style sheet and it is used how to represent a render your webpage on your website.
both html and css jave their own syntax and are used in a different manner. They are tha basic buildin block in any website design.
Current, version of html is HTML5 while css is CSS 3.0.

HTML stands for hypertext mark up language HTML is just a markup language while CSS stands for Cascading style sheeet.

HTML is the Hypertext Markup Text Language so basically it does the driving.
CSS is the Cascading Style Sheet so basically it tells the computer browser how to dress or display it!

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the easiest way to understand html and css, HTML is the data and text and images you display in the website, CSS is the presentation and the way you display those data,

its like when you have some article and images in the word (which is the html in the web), then add some colors and aligns to make it look better and organized (which is the css in the web), and sure as they said before, You should learn them together side by side

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Ummmm... HTML has one more letter than CSS?
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