I'm new to these forums, but not to html and css. Currently learning Python, with PHP next on my to do list, and I'm looking for some advice from fellow web developers on what would be the best programming and scripting languages to learn. I come from the graphic design/web content side of things but looking to expand into full web development. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks so much!

If you come from the graphic design / web content side of things, I would focus on Javascript and jQuery. jQuery is growing increasing popular these days, and knowing it intimately will make you a rockstar when it comes to client-side development. IMHO, it's also a good transition from the clientside stuff to the serverside stuff.

I would also look into MySQL and TSQL when you get a chance. These languages can be very vital, especially if you're working with any sort of database driven website.

Never considered jQuery. Great advice! I will also look into SQL. Thanks so much.

Never considered jQuery

Take some time to learn basic javascript before jQuery. You dont have to be an expert in JavaScript for jQuery, but since jQuery is a JavaScript library, it will help you.

Learn Responsive design(media queries css3 html5)
Use a frontend framework like gumby or bootstrap
Learn php frameworks they will make your life easier
Java for web
The list can continue but learn this first

I ♥ Coffeescript, you gonna like this
CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript
It's esier to use than real javascript or jquery

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