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I am new to this site and have been browsing the CSS related threads...I am at my wits end!!

I am developing a site at the moment where I have changed the colours of my scrollbars using CSS. I have defined the colours in the body,html tag inside my stylesheet.

My site has a couple of forms in it, and all the textarea scrollbars are the correct colour BUT I have a select menu with a couple of options underneath. The little arrow to the right (which opens the drop down) is still grey!! I have searched everwhere and the only attributes of the <select> tag that can be changed according to my search is the width and the background color of the actual menu.

Does anyone have advice on how I can change the colour of the dropdown's arrow using CSS?

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Can you post the code or a link to your website if it is online?

The site is offline as it is still being developed.

It is just a standard form, with a select menu in it.

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I don't know then. It's hard to say without seeing the code - and your description of a drop-down arrow is pretty vague?

Nixpix: the "SELECT" element is very versatile. When you have the size set to "1", or no size attribute at all, which defaults to "1", then the OPTION elements are displayed as a dropdownlist activated by a small "arrow" widget. You want to change the color of this arrow.

You cannot. It is rendered by each browser, and there is no CSS attribute you can apply.

Thank you so much, much appreciated.

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