hi guys...i'm a undergrad student.i need to create a website to dedicate songs using their email id...can any one help me out by suggesting me the login page creating code and that page when logged in should redirect to another page where the list of songs are present...urgent guysss....plzzz
- sammy

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Here is the thing...there are plenty of people here to help, but most people here are volunteers so its unlikely anyone is going to provide you with the code.

I'd suggest you break up this project into components and work on one component at a time, then submit specific questions/code about problems with each component.

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You are just so right!

you can use the input tag for username and password. something like...

Username: <input type="text" />
Password: <input type="password" />

Make sure to wrap in form tags and include a submit button. Also going to need an option for the user to register and a forgot password so they can recover their account.

good luck!

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