i'm new to web designing. i'm planning to create the website which will store user information in oracle database. my questing is is it possible to connect oracle 10g to web page(form)? need tips..

Yes shiv it depends on language you are using..i would like to know which language your are going to use...so that i can give you exact answer for your question..In my point of view,you can use java platform for connecting oracle.it will give your website look and feel...

thank you Meir David, but honestely i don't know which languages are used to connect to database. But i'm going to use scripting language HTML to create web pages.

hi Shiv we cannont directly use html for connecting database..html gives appearance only it doesn't have the feature to connect with database.As you are well known in html its better to learn php..its a web development tool which a combination of html and php..for connecting database there will be mysql..its a open source one so you can easily download it from web and use it..but try to use xampp its advanced one and it will show design and coding part.if you do any mistake you can correct it by seeing the design part...hope i gave you useful information..

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